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Jo, also known as Erin, is the President of the SRA, Speaker of the Assembly, and Chair of the Board of Directors (Organizing Committee). They prepare agendas, facilitate meetings and debates, and see that the orders of the Assembly are enacted. They are the former Liaison for the Austin, TX chapter of the SRA and are currently at-large in central California.

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# Aayla
*She / Her*
**Script & Web Developer**
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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Aayla is our Script & Web Developer and joined as one of the first 500 members in October of 2018 after seeing the SRA shouted out on Twitter. She was first exposed to coding in elementary school when her computer lab teacher exposed her to Scratch. After seeing the cat move 10 steps, she was captivated. She eventually made several 2D games in Scratch before moving into more advanced languages like Python during middle and high school. She has been passionate about computer science ever since and, as an IWW member, is involved in efforts to unionize the industry.
# Tim
*He / Him*

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