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Fixed bugs raised by Tickle on the forum

Fixed link to dues waiver
Fixed punctuation in contact section
Re-made /edu to keep the footer from being put in the last container
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@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ Nope! You may use any preferred or chosen name. **We do not need to know your de
You’re welcome to join and begin the interviewing process to start your own! No chapter simply springs into existence, so we’re always eager to get more folks onboard to help us expand as an organization.
## What if I can't afford dues?
You can find a copy of our dues waiver form [here]()
Apply for a dues waiver [here](
## What does the organization spend its money on?

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@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ Bridget **Director of Chapter Organizing**
# Merchandise Inquiries
## I have a question about a merchandise order
## I have a question about a merchandise order.
<i class="fas fa-envelope"></i> [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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@ -11,38 +11,69 @@ include("../res/php/top.php");
// Load JSON info
$sections = json_decode(file_get_contents("content.json"), true);
$i = 0;
// Image array for item types
$images = [
"book" => "book.png"
// Build section
foreach ($sections as $section) {
// Get name of current section
$name = $section["name"];
// If this is not the first section, create a new div. Otherwise, the first div
// is already included in top.php included above. Yes this means there's an id
// used multiple times, but at least it works for now.
if ($i != 0) {
echo("<div id=\"first\">");
echo('<div id="first">');
echo("<div id=\"section-title\">$name</div><hr><br>");
echo("<div class=\"section group news zmd-hierarchical-display\" data-animation=\"hierarchical-display\">");
// Echo name of section and a div to put content in
"<div id='section-title'>$name</div>
<div class='section group news zmd-hierarchical-display' data-animation='hierarchical-display'>
// Define j so items can be split up in rows of 3. There is a better way to do this,
// but honestly I'm scared of the CSS I inherited and will just do this instead.
$j = 0;
// Iterate through content
foreach ($section["content"] as $item) {
// Get item content from JSON
$itemName = $item["name"];
$itemType = $item["type"];
$itemFilename = $item["filename"];
// Test that image is defined in $images
if (in_array($itemType, $images)) {
// Get image based on $itemType
$itemImage = $images[$itemType];
} else {
// $itemType was not found in the images array, so default to book
$itemImage = $images["book"];
// Echo item to page
<div class=\"col span_1_of_3 edu_item\" style=\"text-align: center;\">
<a class=\"edu_item\" href=\"$itemFilename\">
<div class='col span_1_of_3 edu_item' style='text-align: center;'>
<a class='edu_item' href='$itemFilename'>
<img src='$itemImage' style='border:none;width:200px;' alt='$itemType'>
<p class='edu'>
switch ($itemType) { // Switch statement for potential future expansion, even if there's only one option now
case "book":
echo("<img src=\"\" style=\"border:none;width:200px;\" alt=\"book\">");
echo("<br><p class=\"edu\"><mark><i>$itemName</i></mark></p></a></div>");
$j += 1;
if ($j % 3 == 0) { // Break row and make a new one
echo("<br><hr><br><div class=\"section group news\" data-animation=\"hierarchical-display\">");
<div class=\"section group news\" data-animation=\"hierarchical-display\">
if ($i == 0) {
$i += 1;
$i += 1;
// Close section and start a new one